APCO Packaging Sustainability Framework

The APCO Packaging Sustainability Framework (the Framework) aims to provide a consistent and transparent framework for assessing and tracking packaging sustainability. The Framework consists of thirteen independent criteria that belong to three separate categories. These categories are:

  • Leadership
  • Packaging Processes and Outcomes (Outcomes)
  • Operations

Structure of the Framework

There are two types of criteria within the Framework:

  • Core criteria are mandatory and must be answered by all Members when completing the Annual Reporting Tool.
  • Recommended criteria are not mandatory, but Members are encouraged to complete as many recommended criteria as possible.

Levels of Performance

Each criteria is divided into five levels of performance ranging from ‘getting started’ to ‘beyond best practice’. The Reporting Tool assigns a performance level for each criteria and an overall performance level / score based on responses. The diagram below illustrates key differences between performance levels.