1.2 Closed Loop Collaboration


To encourage supply chain initiatives to recover packaging and create sustainable closed loop economies.

This criteria covers collaborative initiatives to improve recovery of packaging. These actions could take many different forms, e.g. an industry-led collection program for a particular packaging material; or collaboration with other organisations (e.g. research group, local council) to develop a new market for a recycled material.
Core: this criteria must be attempted by all Members.

Conditional: must satisfactorily meet the conditions of one question before progressing to the next.

Sector Variations
  • Global companies: You should only report on organisational initiatives occurring outside Australia if they have implications for packaging recovery in Australia. For example, this could include an initiative that is likely to result in more recycled material being used within packaging sold in Australia, or research and development  in a new recycling technology that could be adopted in Australia, etc.



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