2.1 Packaging Design and Procurement


To ensure that the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) or equivalent is being used to evaluate all packaging.

This criteria considers actions taken to ensure that sustainability principles are considered in the design or procurement of packaging. You should have a documented procedure to use the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG), or an equivalent set of principles, to evaluate and improve packaging. You should also be tracking the number of products that have had their packaging designed or reviewed with reference to sustainability principles.
Core:  this criteria must be attempted by all Members.

Conditional: must satisfactorily meet the conditions of one question before progressing to the next.

Sector Variations
  • Product manufacturers/brand owners:The scope of this criteria is all packaging used to distribute your products, including retail packaging, packaging for online sales, shelf-ready packaging, and distribution packaging (shippers, pallets, stretch wrap etc.).
  • Packaging suppliers:The scope of this criteria is the packaging used to distribute your products.
  • Retailers:The scope of this criteria includes own-brand product packaging, retail packaging (e.g. retail carry bags and fresh produce bags), and any other packaging that your organisation can influence or control (e.g. retail-ready packaging for fresh produce). Retailers without own-brand products should focus on the packaging given to consumers at point of purchase to carry products home (e.g. carry bags, tissue paper, stickers etc.), internal distribution packaging (e.g. from distribution centres to stores), and packaging for online sales.
  • Global companies:If design and procurement are undertaken outside of Australia and you already have an equivalent corporate procedure to evaluate and improve packaging, you may not need to introduce a new procedure. Regular reviews of packaging should however be undertaken, and any improvement opportunities fed back to those responsible for product development. You may need to introduce a documented procedure to evaluate any packaging sourced locally using the SPG or equivalent, and keep records of any equivalent assessment procedure used by your overseas office.
  • Importers/distributors with limited control over packaging:Focus on any packaging that you source within Australia, e.g. distribution packaging.



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