3.2 On-site Waste Diversion


To increase the recovery of packaging waste generated on-site. A proxy measure is used (total solid waste), as most organisations do not measure packaging waste separately from other waste.

This criteria considers progress in reducing the amount of onsite solid waste diverted from landfill. This is measured as the ‘diversion rate’, i.e. the percentage of solid waste that has been recovered for reuse, recycling, composting or energy recovery, as a percentage of the amount of solid waste generated.
Recommended: reporting against this criteria is not mandatory, however Members are highly encouraged to attempt recommended criteria where possible.

Conditional: must satisfactorily meet the conditions of one question before progressing to the next.

Sector Variations
  • Product and packaging suppliers: The scope of this criteria is all solid waste generated in manufacturing facilities, distribution centres and offices.
  • Retailers: The scope of this criteria is all waste generated in distribution centres, retail stores and offices.



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