1.3 Consumer Engagement


To inform and educate consumers about sustainability through packaging.

This criteria covers activities that engage consumers in packaging sustainability. These could include:  information on your website about packaging sustainability initiatives; on-pack claims and labels  on supply chain certifications, recycled content, etc. (excluding disposal information and labelling which should be reported on within Criteria 2.5 Consumer Labelling); packaging design to encourage more sustainable behaviour (e.g. less food waste); or marketing campaigns on particular issues or campaigns.
Recommended: reporting against this criteria is not mandatory, however Members are highly encourage to attempt recommended criteria where possible.

Additive: any question within this criteria can be answered to receive credit.

Sector Variations
  • Packaging suppliers: The criteria refers to business customers rather than individual consumers.
  • Global companies: You should only report on organisational initiatives occurring outside Australia if they help to engage Australian consumers.



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