General Questions

How do I use the Annual Reporting Tool?

Please watch this brief video on how to use and setup the Annual Reporting Tool.

What do I do if I have difficulties accessing the annual report?

To gain access to the annual report, your company’s administrator must first review company details and agree to give consent (Reporting >> Setup Annual Report). If this has been done but you still do not have access, an administrator for your company will be required to delete your active report through Administration >> Delete Active Annual Report, logout/login, and setup the annual report again. If your issue is still not resolved, please contact us on or (02) 8381 3700.

How long will it take to complete?

This will vary, and will be dependent on the number of criteria that your company attempts, as well as the level of in-house data you have readily available for your report. We recommend that you preview the questions before attempting to complete the Reporting Tool, to help you gauge how much background work may be required to complete your annual report.

For an excel spreadsheet of all annual reporting questions available, please click here.

The Reporting Tool is designed to be a streamlined and efficient process to manage and track your packaging sustainability performance.  It is the process of collecting data to answer the questions within the Reporting Tool, which may be more time consuming in the first year. Once data management processes for APCO reporting have been established within your company, it is anticipated that subsequent annual reporting will require less time to complete.

Who should complete the annual report?

Multiple people within your company can be involved in completing your annual report responses. Users with administrator access will be able to set up other user accounts for your company. Only the administrator can delete and submit your annual report.

How can I add new users to the Annual Reporting Tool?

Only users with administrator access can add, delete and manage users for your company, within the Reporting Tool. To learn how an administrator can add new users, please view this how to guide.

What is a Baseline Metric?

When setting up your annual report, you will be required to select the most appropriate and efficient baseline metric for your company.

This metric is the number of products that your company put on the Australian market, for which you have had a degree of control or influence over the packaging, within the selected reporting period. The Reporting Tool uses this metric as a baseline for calculating your company’s performance against the packaging sustainability criteria.

For more information, please view the user guide: Choosing a Baseline Metric.

How do I pick my supply chain position? Will this affect my report?

When setting up your annual report, you are required to state your supply chain position. The position selected should be the most relevant, and is entirely up to the Member; Members are also able to select secondary supply chain positions.

Your supply chain position selection will not impact on your reporting, however, when completing your annual report, please keep your primary supply chain position in mind when responding to questions.

Where can I find more information or hints on each of the questions within the Reporting Tool?

When completing your annual report, you may notice that there are little green “?” buttons beside each question. By hovering your cursor over these buttons, helpful hints and explanations will appear, providing you with more information.

Criteria Questions

Do I have to complete the Packaging Metrics section?

The Packaging Metrics section of the annual report is not compulsory. APCO is aware that Members may not currently be obtaining this information.

This section has been included to collect information on the total amount of packaging that is being generated in aggregate. Data will be summed across industries and sectors to estimate progress towards achieving packaging sustainability in Australia.

Do I have to complete the Free Form section?

The Free Form section allows Members to provide further information about their company’s packaging sustainability activities. Within this section, you are free to report on any achievements from previous action plans that may not have been covered within the Annual Reporting Tool reporting criteria.

This is also your organisation’s opportunity to describe any additional initiatives, processes or practices that you have implemented over the previous 24 months that have improved packaging sustainability, and describe any opportunities or constraints that may have affected performance within the reporting period. You are also encouraged to provide examples or case studies of exemplary packaging sustainability.

Please note that there are word limits to this section, and the text will form part of your public-facing Action Plan and Annual Report.