General Questions

How do I use the Annual Reporting Tool?

Please watch this brief video on how to use and setup the Annual Reporting Tool.

What do I do if I have difficulties accessing the annual report?

To gain access to the annual report, an administrator user for your organisation must first setup the report via Reporting >> Setup Annual Report. If access is still unavailable, please follow the instructions in the prompted message when accessing the report, or contact the Member Services team on or (02) 8381 3700.

How long will it take to complete?

This will vary, and will be dependent on the number of criteria that your company attempts, as well as the level of in-house data you have readily available for your report.

Please review the questions before attempting to complete the annual report, to gauge how much background work may be required. For your assistance, an excel spreadsheet of all annual reporting questions can be found here.

Who should complete the annual report?

Multiple people within your organisation can be involved in completing your annual report responses. Administrator users are able to set up other user accounts for your organisation. Only an administrator user can delete and submit your annual report.

How can I add new users to the Annual Reporting Tool?

Within the Reporting Tool, only administrator users can add, delete and manage users for your company, within the Reporting Tool. To learn how an administrator can add new users, please view this how to guide.

How do I pick my supply chain position? Will this affect my report?

When setting up your annual report, you are required to state your supply chain position. The position selected should be the most relevant, and is entirely up to the Member; Members are also able to select secondary supply chain positions.

Your supply chain position selection will not impact on your reporting, however, when completing your annual report, please keep your primary supply chain position in mind when responding to questions.

Criteria Questions

Why do I need to answer the Packaging Metrics section?

This section has been included to collect information on the total amount of packaging that is being generated in aggregate. Data will be summed across industries and sectors to estimate progress towards achieving packaging sustainability in Australia.

Do I have to complete the Free Form section?

The Free Form section is not compulsory, however it does allows Members the opportunity to provide further information about their organisation’s packaging sustainability activities, describe any opportunities or constraints that may have affected performance within the reporting period, and provide examples or case studies of exemplary packaging sustainability.

Please note that there are word limits to this section, and your responses may form part of your public facing APCO Annual Report and Action Plan.