5.1 Free Form Submission


In this section you can provide further information about your organisation’s packaging sustainability activities.

Completion of this section is not mandatory but highly encouraged. The information entered here may be used directly in your public facing Annual Report and Action Plan. 

When completing your APCO Action Plan following submission of your APCO Annual Report, you can elect to include your Free Form responses and case studies in your public facing Annual Report and Action Plan document. Please note that you will be unable to edit the information below upon submission of your APCO Annual Report.

Responses included within this Free Form section are not scored and will not impact your organisation’s performance in the annual report.

Information included in the Free Form section will be reviewed by APCO and considered during the annual awards selection process.

There are two parts within this Freeform submission:
1) Describe initiatives, processes or practices that you have implemented over the previous 24 months that have improved packaging sustainability.
2) Describe any opportunities or constraints that affected performance within this reporting period.
Information provided in this section is optional and will not impact the score of your annual report. Information will however be used directly in your public facing Annual Report and Action Plan to showcase examples of what your organisation has accomplished.



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