Action Plan

The below form is used to set your APCO Action Plan and determine what elements of your 2018 APCO Annual Report you would like to share. The end result of this process will be your public facing 2018 Annual Report and Action Plan document that will be displayed on the APCO website. A sample template of this document can be found here.

APCO Action Plans are due by the 30th June 2018.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Member Services team on 02 8381 3700.

Instructions - Click here for more information
1. Select your action plan period.
You may choose to set a one, two or three year action plan

2. Select a commitment level for each criteria.
Results from your most recent annual report will be prefilled for your reference, including existing levels and next level recommendations.
Please note:

  • For Conditional criteria – Please select either your existing level or higher.
  • For Additive criteria – Please recommit to your existing achievements and at least one additional commitment.

Core criteria have a minimum commitment threshold. If your existing level is ‘0. Not Yet Started ‘, you must select a commitment level of at least ‘1. Getting Started ‘.

If a level below your existing level is chosen, a pop-up window will appear telling you that you cannot make that selection. If you would like to change your existing level, please contact the Member Services team: or (02) 8381 3700.

3. Select your annual report responses to include in the public facing document.
You may choose which of the following elements of your  2018 APCO Annual Report to include in  your public facing Annual Report and Action Plan:

  • Targets (taken from your responses in Criteria 1.1)
  • Free Form responses
  • Case studies

4. Obtain internal approval and click submit. 

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