4.1 Metrics


This section will be used to collect information on the total amount of packaging that is being generated in aggregate. Data will be summed across industries and sectors to estimate progress towards achieving packaging sustainability in Australia.

This section is now compulsory and a value must be entered for each material type. If your organisation does not process or use a particular material type then enter “0” as the value for tonnes of packaging.

This data is collected by APCO for reporting to government. It will only be reported in aggregate and individual organisations will not be identifiable from this information. This section does not contribute to the packaging sustainability scores calculated by this online tool. Please provide as much information as possible and provide best estimates where accurate data is not available. We also ask that you provide information on the accuracy of the data provided so that we can track and provide support to organisations who may need additional help. It will also give us an indication for the confidence we can have in the data we are collecting.

For each of the material types provided below please indicate the type of packaging material your organisation produces. You are free to select as many packaging types as you need to represent the type of packaging material that your organisation deals with. For each material type we ask that you please provide the total tonnes of packaging you put on the market during the previous 12 month reporting period.

For each line of data provided, please use the dropdown box to specify the degree of confidence you have in the data you are providing.

  • Low confidence (guess)
  • Medium confidence (informed estimate)
  • High confidence (measured)
Information provided in this section will not impact the score of your annual report.



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