3.3 Supply Chain Influence


To engage with suppliers to build support for, and capacity to achieve, packaging sustainability goals.

This criteria considers actions to engage suppliers and business customers in packaging sustainability. These could include, for example, strategies to communicate your packaging sustainability goals and requirements to suppliers; collaboration with supply chain partners to share knowledge and improve outcomes; a process to evaluate packaging supply chain risks; monitoring supplier compliance, etc.
Recommended: reporting against this criteria is not mandatory, however Members are highly encourage to attempt recommended criteria where possible.

Additive: any question within the criteria can be answered to receive credit.

Sector Variations
  • Packaging suppliers: This criteria refers to engagement with upstream suppliers (i.e. suppliers of the packaging used to transport components to your business customers) and customers.
  • Retailers: This refers to engagement with upstream suppliers of packaging, retail packaging (e.g. shopping bags, produce bags), retail-ready packaging and other distribution packaging.
  • Product manufacturers: This refers to engagement with upstream suppliers of packaging as well as business customers (e.g. retailers).
  • Global companies: This criteria applies to supply chain activities that influence the sustainability of packaging put on the market in Australia, regardless of where these activities were undertaken.



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