1.1 Packaging Sustainability Strategy


To integrate packaging sustainability goals and targets into a corporate strategy, including the use of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) or equivalent.

This criteria considers actions to integrate packaging sustainability into business strategies. This includes having documented commitments and targets that have been approved by management, and ensuring that these are reflected in policies and procedures for marketing, product development, procurement and operations.

Your APCO Annual Report and Action Plan could be used to meet the requirements for a Packaging Sustainability Strategy if it meets the specified requirements, including:

  • it commits the organisation to use the SPG (or equivalent) for packaging;
  • it includes specific, measurable and time-based targets;
  • it is integrated into business processes;
  • progress against targets is publicly reported in the APCO annual report and action plan or elsewhere;
  • there is a process for continuous improvement.
Core:  this criteria must be attempted by all Members.

Conditional: must satisfactorily meet the conditions of one question before progressing to the next.

Sector Variations
  • Packaging suppliers:A broader ‘sustainability strategy’ may be more relevant to your organisation as everything you do has implications for the life cycle impacts of packaging. The strategy should include actions to improve the sustainability of operations, as well as specific commitments and targets for packaging (e.g. packaging design, renewable materials, recyclability etc.).
  • Retails: The scope of the strategy is all packaging that your organisation can influence, including packaging for own-brand products, procurement requirements (e.g. for retail-ready packaging), packaging used for distribution from distribution centres to stores, retail carry bags and other packaging given out in stores, packaging waste generated on-site, etc.
  • Global companies:You may like to consider whether your organisation has a corporate sustainability strategy developed by head office and if this impacts activities in Australia. Your commitment to use the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) or equivalent could be documented in another formal document that has been approved by management in Australia.



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