Update Baseline Metric

To change your baseline metric, follow the prompts below.

If you have already answered baseline metric related questions within your Annual Report, then these entries will be deleted. Once your change your baseline metric, you will then be asked to update your responses to these questions.

What is the baseline metric?

The Reporting Tool asks you to report the number of products that your company placed on the Australian market over your chosen 12 month reporting period.

This metric is used as the baseline for calculating your organisation’s performance against various packaging sustainability criteria. You are free to choose the most appropriate and efficient way for your business to report the base metric. This could be, for example:

  • SKUs: Defined as the number of ‘stock keeping units’ your organisation is responsible for. A SKU is the specific product code that is used for the identification of a product, often portrayed as a machine-readable bar code, to help track the item for inventory. E.g. ‘Product code XXXXX, diced Italian tomatoes, low salt, 400g’.
  • Product category: This category represents a broader classification that can include a product line (e.g. shampoo) or a more general product grouping (e.g. all plastic bottles). E.g. ‘400g cans’ or ‘all canned foods’.
  • Tonnes of packaging: The total tonnes of packaging put on the Australian market by an organisation.

If you would like further information on the baseline metric please follow this link.

Update your baseline metric

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