Update Baseline Metric

You are able to update your baseline metric by completing the following questions. If you have already answered some questions within the Annual Reporting Tool using a previously selected baseline metric, then these entries will be deleted. You will then be asked to enter your updated values based on your newly selected baseline metric.

What is the baseline metric?

The Annual Reporting Tool asks you to report the number of products that your company sells ending up on the Australian market, for which you have a degree of control or influence over the packaging.

This would include, for example, all of the products sold by a packaging manufacturer and all of the products sold as ‘own brand’ by a non-packaging manufacturer or retailer. The Tool uses this metric as the baseline for calculating your company’s performance against various packaging sustainability criteria. You are free to choose the most appropriate and efficient way for your business to report the base metric for the Annual Reporting Tool. This could be, for example:

  • by ‘stock keeping units’ (SKUs) or individual codes, e.g. ‘Product code XXXXX, diced Italian tomatoes, low salt, 400g’;
  • by ‘product category’ which can represent product lines or more general groupings of products, e.g. ‘400g cans’ or ‘All canned foods’ etc., or;
  • by total Tonnes of packaging.

You must, however, use a consistent metric for all criteria within the Annual Reporting Tool. For example, if you report your total number of products by SKU, then you must report the number of products with recycled content or consumer labeling, etc, using the same metric.

Update your baseline metric

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